Why Get a Professional Facial?

Facials are the second most popular spa treatments after massages. Facials include a massage. As an esthetician I do a scalp, neck, shoulder, face, chest, arms and hand massage. The first reason to get a facial is the benefits of a massage ;
It relaxes you
It stimulates blood and lymph circulation
improves metabolism and activates sluggish skin
helps muscle tone
it helps cleanse the skin of impurities and softens sebum
it helps slough off dead skin cells
it helps reduce puffiness and sinus congestion
it helps product absorption
and promotes a sense of well being

A facial is a professional service designed to improve and rejuvenate the skin. Facials treatments included the following deep cleansing, exfoliates, massage, slows down premature aging, corrects or alleviates certain skin conditions ( acne, dryness) and softens wrinkles and fine lines and can clear up minor acne. It can also help clam sensitive skin and treat weather related skin problems.
Most facials follow the following steps;
cleansing, analysis, exfoliation, steam, extractions, massage, masks, and moisturizer.
Analysis is where I look at the skin throw a loop. A loop is magnifying lamp. I also touch the skin to see what is going on. it also where I make sure my clients are treating their skin right. It not surprising see people who are treating the wrong skin skin. They think they have this type and they really have this type. It is not common for a client to think they have blackheads and they really have broken hair follicles. What causes that is shaving unwanted hair or waxing that was not preformed right. I have seen the beginning of skin cancer and rosacea. I have seen people self diagnose acne or dry skin and the products they are using is causing a whole new gambit of issues. I have seen people who believe they have cystic acne and what they have is layers and layers of dead skin that needs to be exfoliated. I am looking for dry skin, normal skin, fine lines, creases, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, capillaries, if the skin color is even, and sun damage.
Next is exfoliation. Proper exfoliation can remove dead skin cells that make the skin feel rough and clog pores. It can make the skin feel smoother, promote stimulation, help products get adsorbed and increase cell turnover.
Steam time is next. Steam helps boost your immune system, prepares skin for extractions, softens lines, and increases your circulation. I you feel congested get a facial it will help clear that up. I also have clients that have sinus related headaches and getting facials has help relieve their headaches.
Extractions are generally next and it is the removal of clogs in the pores. Extractions help by clearing our debris in pores. Once the debris is cleared pores can contract back to their normal size. Professional extracts are the only thing that truly refine pores. If your pores are starting to look a little large it is time to come in.
Massage followed by a mask.
I talked about the benefits of a massage earlier so now it is time to talk masks. Masks can draw out impurities, clear up blemishes, tighten and tone the skin, calm down sensitive skin, hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. A good mask can improve the appearance of skin. Do not dismiss facials because, you have sensitive skin there is facials designed to treat that too. Getting a massage is different then getting a facial. If your skin is too sensitive to get a massage try getting facials instead.

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